There are several advantages in opting for rope access which, unlike traditional access methods, can be customized to fit various applications. This method requires less manpower, yet completion time is much shorter, translating to lower costs. Rope access systems can be installed and dismantled faster than traditional access methods and are one of the safest in the industry.


Using different access techniques, we can clean all the often neglected, hard to reach areas, including ceiling trusses, ledges, ventilation, light fixtures and more.

Industrial ROPE Access

It is important to install and maintain a proper anchor system on a building. We understand the principles behind rope access systems better than anyone. Not only offering the anchor systems certifications but also designing and installing new systems.

Anchor and Fall Arrest System

Debris can become a hazard for vehicles, and clogged drains can lead to flooding and significant property damage. Aurora has the expertise to help you prevent these issues and leave a great impression with a sparkling-clean parkade.