Dust, dirt, and grime build up on your windows year-round, whether you’re completing annual maintenance, or you can’t see through your windows anymore, you need your windows cleaned safely, reliably, and with fewer interruptions.

Businesses and individuals alike enjoy Aurora’s fast and detailed exterior window cleaning services. At Aurora, you can count on excellent service and amazing results from a team of motivated professionals.


Window Cleaning

Our team uses a combination of rope access, power chairs, water fed poles, and more to make your building or high-rise shine.

Post Construction

Window Cleaning

We do a great job cleaning construction debris, including tough substances like caulking, stucco, and glue. Ensuring everyone can enjoy their beautiful new building, inside and out.

Pressure Washing

Building exteriors often needs a polish at the same time of your window cleaning. Our tools and professionals will keep both interior and exterior surroundings spotless.